• Saretta Fielding

    SarettaFieldingMy name is Saretta Fielding. I am a Wanaruah woman, born in Sydney to an Aboriginal (Wanaruah) father and a European mother. I have enjoyed the benefits of growing up in a large, extended, close-knit family. Much of my work is influenced by family connection, relationships and the beauty of this country. I have always painted, drawn and experimented in a variety of art mediums, as art has long been a passion for me. I love the challenge of conveying to others, through art, how I am influenced by people, life experiences, and natures beauty. In my artwork, I aim to evoke emotion, enhance connection to spirit and country, and invite the viewer to ponder, dig deeper and experience something new.
  • Ross Smith

    RossSmith AdjustedRoss was raised in Condobolin and spent his younger years living on the mission in Condobolin before moving to Albury when he was twelve. Married with four children, Ross’s love for creating art came from his grandfather, a love and passion that he has passed onto his own children. Didgeidoos and boomerangs have long been the main focus of Ross’s art but in recent years he has developed his interest in painting on canvas and other medians. A number of his works hang in local schools where, over the past ten years, he has been teaching children the art of playing the didgeridoo and the beauty of Aboriginal culture.
  • Jakeob Watson

    Jakeob WatsonMy name is Jakeob Watson. I was born and raised in Maitland in the Hunter Valley and am a proud member of the Wanaruah people. My artwork is a reflection of my love of the area, the animals, the valley, the rivers and the spectacular range of colours that flood our landscape. I use my paintings to connect with my heritage and to teach my children about the stories of their people, their culture and their heritage.
  • Denise Hedges

    DeniseHedgesMy name is Denise Hedges and I was born and raised in Singleton in the Hunter Valley just as my ancestors were before me. My family have a close cultural tie to the land of the Wanaruah people, a connection that I try to express through my art. I have been painting for many years. I use my art to share my love of my culture by educating others on the richness of Aboriginal life in the Hunter Valley.
  • Debbie Chennery

    DebbieCheneryHi, my name is Debbie Chenery and I am a descendant of the Wanaruah people, from the Hunter Valley region of NSW. I am a self-taught artist, who was inspired by the work of other Aboriginal artists. I have researched and learnt the traditional symbols used by our people and now incorporate these into my artwork. My art has allowed me to explore and learn so much more about the Wanaruah people and my own heritage. My artwork is varied and includes canvas paintings, framed paintings, paintings on rocks and clocks. In continually stretching myself artistically, I will paint on almost anything that is 'paintable'.
  • Debbie Becker

    DebbieBeckerDebbie currently lives in the Upper Hunter and is a descendant of the Wanaruah people from the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales. Inspired by the work of other Aboriginal artists, Debbie has learnt to use traditional symbols and modern techniques to not only explore her own culture but to share her journey with others. Expressing her culture through art enables Debbie to keep the rich tapestry of her Aboriginal history alive whilst helping people from non-Aboriginal backgrounds to learn more about culture. Join Debbie on her own journey of discovery as the story behind each painting unfolds before your eyes.
  • Craig Layer

    CraigLayerI am a descendant of the Wanaruah people – a proud Aboriginal nation from the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Through his art Craig ‘welcomes’ (‘anigunya’ in Wanaruah) you to the diversity and richness of the land of his ancestors, an area of mountain ranges, deep valleys, and the the rivers and estuaries that have been the lifeline of the Wanaruah and other Aboriginal groups of the Hunter. Each of Craig's paintings is a story that unfolds before your eyes, bringing the ancient culture of the Wanaruah people – and particularly Craig’s journey of discovery into his own culture – to life in today’s modern world.